Polish Resistance

[PR] Polish Resistance is OFP/CWA and ArmA clan established in 2005. At PR we focus on semi-realistic game modes like Capture The Island (CTI) and co-operative missions (co-ops), but without unnecessary complications of mil-sim groups.

Polish Resistance usually plays in it’s own tight group, but we are glad to play with people from all around the world! To join us grab latest release of PR Mod, and catch us on TeamSpeak during evenings, Central European time.

Current members

  • [PR] Slavko aka McSlavko
  • [PR] Daro
  • [PR]zemek_kondor

Frequent visitors on our server, and contributors to our projects are: [25DKP] (RW) KaWo and Krzychuzokecia.

PR story

It was November 2005. Everon or Nogova, I don’t remember exactly. [SAS] server.

Personal recollection by [PR]zemek_kondor

As on every evening there was a fight. This time around some bunker: our clan leader had hard time to shoot [SAS] Capi down. Hence he used different kind of ammunition: accusation of cheating. Shortly after that most of the people left [SAS] clan and formed Polish Resistance club.

The new entity supposed to be a non-hierarchical, no-stress having fun group of people. With many members (former [SAS] and newcommers, IIRC 20+) and our own server (hosted by [PR] Marek, our clan-leader) those early years were most active time in PR history. We were playing mostly slower-paced CTI and C&H rather than CTF, and playing against other clans very sporadically.

After release of dissARMApointing Armed Assualt we gradually moved to the new game, leaving our OFP server (probably last Polish one that time) to a friendly clan Apache Team [AT]. In exchange for that we were using their Arma server, spending time on Warfare, crCTI (against Angry Insects clan), and SABOTAGE. Meanwhile, together with [AT] forming one team, we took a part in King Of Battlefield C&H OFP tournament, but without success.

Around that time Legionowo crew joined (including [PR] Slavko). On the other hand, due to Arma clunkyness and system requirements, many people gradually dropped out and some had moved to other clans. Then Arma 2 came out: a bit better game (but not much). Even more demanding system requirements caused even more people to leave. Arma 3? Long story short: IIRC we were only 3 playing in the beginning… and that’s it from [PR] as a team in A3.

Then PR Mod arrived and some of us came back to OFP

PR founding members

  • Marek – clan leader
  • Rafał
  • Talar
  • Oko
  • Capi
  • Krzysztof (Kruk)
  • Adamos
  • Matte
  • [PR]zemek_kondor
  • [BEM] Scooter
  • Foxbat