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Addon- and Missionmaking / Additional tools for modellers ....
« Last post by Gemenis on 19-07-2019, 18:01:24 »
HI guys, for those of you who are making models. Thanks to Kanstancin I've started using program called kHED, really usueful tool to make uv maps of the models. Smth that o2 can't do, also it took me like 30 minutes to learn how to do them thanks to this tutorial.

on the other note, really useful tool to decrease number of polygons in your models when you working on distance lods is a modifier in blender called decimate here's the explanation of how it works .

in the attached screenshot u can see what decimate can do to a wheel with attached uv :D

(goes from left to right , 1st -138 polygons -last 64 polygons )
Addon- and Missionmaking / Re: textures with alpha chanel
« Last post by krzychuzokecia on 19-07-2019, 14:42:44 »
Whenever I'm using default o2 way to convert them from tga files u can  see a lot of noise added to the paa file
Try using PAATool? In my experience it gives better results for textures with alpha than even Arma 2 TexView2 (which works in OFP better than OFP TexView1 - and IIRC Oxygen uses the same libraries as TexView1, so I guess Oxygen sucks too).
Addon- and Missionmaking / textures with alpha chanel
« Last post by Gemenis on 16-07-2019, 20:22:23 »
question for addon makers.

Have you came across any good solution for making textures with alpha channel on them ?
Whenever I'm using default o2 way to convert them from tga files u can  see a lot of noise added to the paa file

please look at attached picture to have a better idea
Offtopic / Forum update
« Last post by Gemenis on 11-07-2019, 21:05:29 »
Please excuse a bit of delay in updating/moderating the forum. I should be doing it today , unfortunately got more things to do at work, I Promise there will be a massive update this weekend. So please stay tuned.
Forums / Forum Language
« Last post by Gemenis on 31-12-2017, 23:01:17 »
Welcome every one.

Since our small team is geting bigger and i could say international i would like to ask everyone to start using english in your posts.
I do understand that for some of you that can be a problem. But we still have some options eg. google translate. For those who are Polish, and having problems with english please type in your mother language, someone from administration will translate it for you.
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