PR Mod

In 2016, after long years of fighting on virtual battlefields, [PR] Slavko set upon a mission to create his own Operation Flashpoint modification, tailored to his gameplay preferences and experience. Armed only with his iron will, and assisted by few kind souls, Slavko created PR Mod – a total replacement modification based on Sanctuary’s WW4, with focus on Capture The Island game mode. However PR Mod works perfectly with other types of missions too, including singleplayer, co-operative multiplayer and casual deathmatches.

Content and features

PR Mod features an ultimate OFP addon collection – the best community creations from last 18 years are here! Examples of those are: aircrafts by Footmunch, BAS and OWP, weapons by Laser, ORCS, SJB and RHS, ground vehicles by Combat!, Inquisitor, CSLA, RHS and Sapper. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

What makes PR Mod stand out from many other clan collections is an unified configuration and effects system. Developed by Slavko, with help from Alex_Mercer_1479, Faguss and Krzychuzokecia, this system is performance-friendly while bringing a lot of authentic eye-candy such as vehicle explosions, aircraft countermeasures, blood splatter and more.


PR Mod on Google Drive
PR Mod on ModDB